About Printing

Students are allocated 900 pages per semester. Students receive $63 per semester for printing, each page printed is represented as $.07. Additional print pages can be purchased as needed

Connecting to the Printers

Students can print to the printers on the 1st floor of Mervis Hall (or any printers on campus) through a number of methods:

  1. Email to Print (send an attachment to from your email address)
  2. Install the print queue on your laptop/computer
    1. Download/ install for Windows: 32 Bit 64 bit
    2. Download/ install for Mac
  3. Upload to

The Printing Process

When print jobs are sent to the system, they are held and can be “released” at any print station on campus (within 48 hours). Print jobs are released at the print station by swiping your Pitt ID card or entering your Pitt credentials. 

Check your Balance

You can also check your balance by logging into the Print Center at

FAQ and more Details

More details can be found at: