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Career Growth starts
on Day One

The Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business prioritizes career education beginning on day one of our program through a high touch, individualized advising approach. Katz students optimize their value through a career curriculum that equips them with the skills necessary to be a successful job seeker and effective employee. A tailored experience from the Career Management and Corporate Engagement (CMCE) team accelerates our students’ career journey and maximizes the return on investment of their Katz degree.

Katz Programs

Katz is deeply rooted in the business community and has an unbroken legacy of educating business leaders. Our students are introduced to influential alumni who are engaged, accessible, and far-reaching. Our alumni actively recruit our students for full-time positions and internships and can be found at leading companies in practically every industry, in nearly 90 countries, and in all 50 states. With more than 600 students per year, our core programs consist of the full-time MBA, part-time MBA, and Master of Science programs with the opportunity to complete a dual- or joint-degree or STEM designation.

Katz Student Population Chart

Signature MBA

The full-time MBA program is steeped in tradition, yet anything but ordinary. Each program is tailored to individual academic and career goals and can be completed in 18 months. Students develop highly marketable, focused skill sets necessary to compete in tomorrow’s business environment. Students average 3 to 5 years of work experience and typically graduate in April or May.

Part-Time MBA Program

Designed for working professionals looking to increase their business acumen and professional network, the part-time MBA allows students to invest in their career advancement without leaving their current positions. The program is often completed in about 2 to 3 years with students graduating in the fall, spring, and summer.

Master of Science (MS) Programs

These programs offer razor-sharp specializations within rapidly growing business fields for students looking to develop advanced analytical skills. Candidates tend to have 0 to 2 years of work experience and often come to Katz directly after completing their undergraduate degrees.

Katz Full-Time MS Students by Degree chart

Dual and Joint Degree Programs

Over 55% of full-time MBA students also complete a dual or joint degree

Katz students often reach beyond the MBA to gain additional expertise in a specific area of study. These dual and joint degree programs help students receive a wide-ranging understanding of business and a deep specialization as well. Examples of dual/joint degree programs include the Juris Doctorate, Master of Healthcare Administration, Master of Social Work, Master of Public and International Affairs, and Master of Science in Engineering. Learn more about these programs here.

STEM Visa Authorization

STEM designation affords international students the opportunity to work in the U.S. for up to three years (an additional 24 months compared to non-STEM) under an extended Optional Practical Training (OPT) work permit. Katz emphasis on analytics and STEM in business align with the skillsets that businesses and recruiters are looking for in today’s workforce.

STEM Degree Designation Chart

Full-Time MBA Employment and Salary Outcomes

Katz full-time MBA students see an excellent return on their investment.  Graduates average a base salary close to $100,000 and nearly 60 percent receive an additional signing bonus. Additional salary breakdowns can be found in the chart to the left including location, background, and years of experience. These factors play an important role in the value of our graduates’ degrees.

  $99,177 Average Starting Base Salary


  $22,572 Average Signing Bonus

Areas of Interest

Katz Full-Time MBA graduates are extremely well-rounded and pursue careers in consulting, marketing, finance, and much more! Our MBA program prepares graduates to make an impact on day one in whichever career they choose to pursue.

Data displays graduate outcomes for full-time MBA
program since 2015 of those having obtained MBA
employment at 90 days post-graduation.

Top Industries for Katz Full-Time MBA Graduates

Katz graduates pursue careers in a variety of industries, led by companies in technology, healthcare, and consulting. Our school understands the value of industry relationships and experience and puts a focus on building dense industry networks between our students, alumni, faculty and corporate partners.

Top Hiring Companies and Roles

From multi-national Fortune 500 companies to local Pittsburgh boutique firms, Katz graduates can be found making an impact across the globe. Our graduates find themselves immediately hired into roles that drive business and expect them to hit the ground running. Whether becoming a product manager, consultant, analyst, or joining a leadership development program one thing is for certain – Katz graduates are ready for the challenge.

A variety of corporate logos

“Katz is dedicated to developing leaders that use business as a force for social good. That’s exactly why companies and recruiters seek out our students. They know that Katz graduates enter the workforce with the soft skills and the business acumen from day one.”

Arjang A. Assad., Henry E. Haller Jr. Dean

#Katz Alum Globally


Corporate Engagement

Whether you’re recruiting for a Fortune 500 company, a start-up, or a small local firm, our team takes a customized approach to help you recruit talent from Katz. Our goal is to make hiring at Katz simple, efficient, and effective. With more than 600 graduate business students pursuing our degrees  each year, we have a variety of talent that can address a wide range of business needs.

Skill Development

Sponsor and participate in integrated learning opportunities to actively drive skill development. Help shape the workforce of tomorrow while connecting directly with our talent pool on real-world business problems.

Industry Alignment

It is our priority to connect corporate partners, students, alumni, and faculty in dense industry networks, such as health sciences or technology. Brand and position your organization as a thought leader within these networks.

Talent Contiuum

Early engagement with employers is the key to building strong networks. Our students are developing skills that are highly valued and sought after in the workforce. Integrated learning projects prepare our students for the real-world problems they can expect to solve at your organization. Our team serves as a talent pipeline to help you recruit the next generation of workers.

Katz Corporate Engagement Value Pyramid

Student Testimonials

“I came from an engineering background and always wanted to get a business degree at some point. I love what I do now and wouldn’t be there without the opportunities at Katz. I got real-world experience consulting with a company to improve their distribution network. It was really valuable and insightful to me getting hired in a supply chain role right out of grad school.”

Victoria Mayne, MBA '17

Senior Specialist, Supply Planning, Nestle

Meeting with different alumni and the preparation we got for career conferences really helped me. I graduated Katz and started in my role in a big organization where it was key to build relationships with business partners. The curriculum also prepared me to succeed. The blend of in classroom work related to technical skills and strategic thinking helped me as well as the experience-based learning, like doing a consulting project at Katz.” 

Deon Thomas, MBA '19

Senior Consultant, Finance Transformation, KPMG

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