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FALL 2022

One could say Abhishek Mehta is invested in investments. Since his graduation from the College of Business Administration (CBA) in 2005 as a finance major, his career journey has always focused on growth potential for the future.  

In 2014, he founded Blue Lotus Investments, where he is chief investment officer, to support entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries. Mehta is keenly aware that higher education is a financial commitment that some cannot bear on their own. It’s the reason why he became the first CBA graduate to create an undergraduate scholarship for the school. 

“It was clear that our achievements, including mine, are the result of many helping hands. I wanted to be one pair of those hands for someone,” Mehta says.

Benefits for Years to Come

Mehta was inspired to start this scholarship, named in honor of his parents Shashikala and Kishor S. Mehta, by the “25 Gifts of Impact” campaign created by the Pitt Business Philanthropic and Alumni Relations team to commemorate CBA’s 25th anniversary. The gifts will benefit students, faculty, and alumni for years to come. Mehta’s scholarship fund, for example, will support students from diverse backgrounds who may otherwise be unable to enroll in CBA.

“Even if one alum is moved to help the journey of someone younger, that would be great,” he says.

The “Gifts of Impact” could be of any amount to any undergraduate-related designation by the donor, based on what was most meaningful to them. The 25 donors invested in a wide range of initiatives that include scholarships, faculty support, study abroad opportunities, and resources that provide students with professional development experiences. Through these opportunities, students gain hands-on, valuable transferable skills, including critical thinking, leadership, adaptability, and a global mindset.

For the Love of Pitt

During their education, many undergraduates find their passion — and some also find the love of their life.

Julie and Justin Webb met at Pitt in the early 2000s as CBA students and later married. Julie, who serves as vice president and director of risk services at MPB Financial Services Group, was invited to share her story with students at the Redefining Women’s Leadership Conference hosted by Pitt Business. She was so impressed by the student leaders in attendance that she and Justin decided to create a student resource fund through the “Gifts of Impact” campaign. The funding will be used to support students with professional development, such as conference fees, expenses associated with alumni and corporate site visits, stipends for unpaid internships and books, and online competency training, to name a few examples.

“Financial support from a scholarship enabled me to stay in Pittsburgh and experience a great internship the summer before my senior year,” she says. “The professionalism, intellect, and kindness of the students I met inspired me to give back.”

We are incredibly grateful to all the alumni, faculty, and friends who made an investment in CBA’s future.

If you would like to join them in supporting Pitt Business students and the program, contact Amy Schroth at amyschroth@pitt.edu


Thank You, 25 Gifts of Impact Donors! 

 Kirsten R. Albert, CBA ’01 and Shawn Albert 

Arjang A. Assad, PhD* 

Robert S. Atkin, PhD,** KGSB ’96 and Monique Gilbert-Atkin 

Thomas G. Bigley, Trustee, CBA ’56 & Joan Bigley  

Bibiana Boerio, MBA ’76 

Barry Jay Epstein, PhD, KGSB ’79 

Maura Farrell, A&S ’95 and Lawrence Feick* 

Edmund P. Gavlick, A&S ’01 and Jennifer Gavlick 

J. Roger Glunt, Trustee, CBA ’60 and Lee Glunt 

Howard W. Hanna Jr. Scholarship Fund 

Jeff Hansberry, A&S ’86, MBA ’89 

William and Mary Mancini Hartner, MBA ’75 

Willard R. Hoel, Jr., CBA ’60 

Sanjeev Khanna, PhD, ENGR ’92, MBA ’96 

Max Kneis, CBA ’18 

Anthony M. Komlyn, CBA ’65
and Mallen Komlyn 

John C. McIntosh, ENGR ’84, MBA ’79 

Abhishek S. Mehta, CBA ’05 

Audrey J. Murrell, PhD* 

Josephine E. Olson, PhD** 

H. Robert Spicher III, KGSB ’79 and Jane G. Spicher 

Hollie N. Freeman Vugrinovich, CBA ’05, A&S ’05  

Julie M. (Barefoot) Webb, CBA ’05 and Justin T. Webb, CBA ’05 

Jessica T. Woodhouse, CBA ’02, MBA ’09 

Olson Zaltman & Associates, LLC 

   *Denotes faculty

** Denotes retired faculty