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FALL 2022

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Executive Doctor of Business Administration

// Executive Education Update

As a Katz MBA student, Steven Renfro Jr., (MBA ’15) strengthened key skills and evolved as a business professional, observing the thought process of others when problem-solving. Over the past 12 years, he has thrived in accounting, finance, and marketing management roles for various corporations across multiple industries, solving a wide range of business problems along the way.

With such a successful career, what comes next? Renfro, the senior brand and marketing manager at Quidel Corporation, has chosen the new Executive Doctor of Business Administration (EDBA) program at Katz to propel his career to the next level. 

“A doctorate in business will separate me from the pack when applying for an executive leadership position.” 

“I view this program as a potential accelerant to reach my career goals sooner than later,” he says. “Because I am familiar with the rigor of an MBA from Katz, I am confident the EDBA program will be no walk in the park and will arm me with the knowledge and skills needed to solve super complex problems.”

“A doctorate in business will separate me from the pack when applying for an executive leadership position.”

Renfro Family

Hyflex Model and Weekdays

The San Diego resident is part of the inaugural class, which started in the Fall 2022 semester. The program follows the “hyflex” model, which provides face-to-face classes that can also be attended online, synchronously. Classes are held during the week, allowing weekends off for students — a unique feature.

The program offers immersive experiences and courses, taught by Katz’s highly ranked faculty members, to help professionals with eight-plus years of experience develop exceptional analytical and leadership skills, which are in demand now more than ever.

“Many statistics courses spend time on mathematical proofs of statistical procedures. Our faculty will focus on how to conduct the statistical procedures and draw conclusions from their calculations, taking a more practical yet equally rigorous approach to study problems they are facing currently in their full-time jobs,” says Dennis Galletta, academic director of the program.

“Our students will be merging work and school together to make double use of their time.”

Problem Solving

Another highlight of the program, which is an associate academic member of the Executive Doctorate Business Administration Council, is the immersive 12-credit capstone Practicum Research Project. “The project is designed for students to work on an issue from their current employer since it is a part-time program,” says J. Jeffrey Inman, EDBA program director. “They will work with a faculty advisor to design a research question and lay out a plan to study the problem, and then develop the methodology, collect data, and write up the entire project, along with recommendations and an implementation plan.”

For more details, email: executiveprograms@katz.pitt.edu. Information sessions are scheduled for October 19, November 16, and December 14, 2022.

DBA Program Details

Hyflex Format: in person, online, or combination  

Program Length: 3 years (part-time)  

Credits to Graduate: 45 (with transfer of 27 credits from a qualifying master’s program)  

Tuition: $45,000 per year (aid is available)  

Courses Taught by: chaired and full research faculty  

Practicum Research Project: tackle a real-work issue with faculty advisor