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The Accelerated MBA is designed to provide you
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12-month Learning Format

Customizable Integrated Learning

In-Demand Credentials

Specialized Career Coaching

The Accelerated MBA from Katz

The Accelerated Path

Highly focused and designed to offer you the fastest return on your investment, the Accelerated MBA program enables you to complete a Katz MBA full-time in an intensive 12-month format, minimizing the time you spend away from the workforce. Designed for students with extensive post-bachelor professional experience and who are focused in advancing in their current industry or professional field, the program begins in early August and is designed to be completed in three consecutive terms, concluding in July.

Integrated Learning

We provide a strong, broad foundation of business knowledge and we empower you to tailor a program that builds on your unique strengths, life experiences, and professional goals to accelerate your career through integrated learning.

Integrative coursework in strategic communications, computational thinking, and the core MBA curriculum provide the framework for integrated learning. Elective coursework provides experience-based learning opportunities to hone your skills in integrative management. Co-curricular experiences such as case competitions, community-based projects, summer internships, and professional development programming further complement and reinforce the knowledge you gain through the coursework.

You will have many opportunities to individualize your program by choosing the right mix of elective coursework for you. In addition to selecting electives based on your interests, you may choose to complete a Credential, Academy, and/or Business Disruption Series course(s) as part of your MBA studies.


As a Katz student, you may choose to complete a Katz Credential in order to highlight expertise and hands-on experience in a particular business area. Credentials include a bundle of specialized coursework that build your capabilities, knowledge, and experience in a meaningful way.





Micro-Credential in Accounting

Financial Disclosures

Managerial Decision Making


Micro-Credential in Finance

Corporate Finance

Corporate Valuation

Investment & Trading



Micro-Credential in Marketing Foundations 

Building Customer Relationships

Micro-Credential in Marketing Strategy

Value Creation & Management

Micro-Credential in Marketing Analytics

Digital Marketing & Big Data

Organizational Behavior

Micro-Credential in Leading People in Organizations

Leading People in Organizations

Micro-Credential in Management Consulting

Management Consulting


Micro-Credential in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Business Analytics & Operations

Micro-Credential in Management Science

Business Analytics

Process & Quality Management

Supply Chain Management

Information Systems & Technology Management


Micro-Credential in Technology Management

Digital Innovation

IT Project Management

Information Systems Design

Micro-Credential in Data Programming for Business Insights


Data Programming

Integrated Learning Academy

The Academy is an elective, integrated learning experience designed to enhance your business acumen, build cross-functional dexterity, and deepen your fundamental knowledge by focusing on one industry or area. The Academy makes the business disciplines come alive by visiting a diverse set of organizations, meeting with industry leaders as well as subject matter experts to assist in solving real time business problems. The Katz Academy is offered in the Fall term in high-demand fields such as technology management, life sciences, and non-profit management.

Business Disruption Series

This innovative series of elective courses provides an opportunity to learn “what is business disruption?” and how to become a catalyst for change through exploration of a new idea, technology, or product. Faculty highlight their research and industry engagement on relevant and current business issues and trends. One recent example is “Exploring AR (augmented reality) Marketing” taught by Dr. Vanitha Swanimathan.

Tuition and Program Fees

Please view the Accelerated MBA program tuition by visiting IR.Pitt.Edu (opens in new tab)

Accelerate Your Career

Accelerate your career journey with individualized coaching and mentoring from seasoned business professionals and exceptional career counseling staff. Community-based networking and one-on-one support enable you to get the most out of your integrated learning experiences and achieve your post-graduation career goal.



I chose Katz because they offer so many opportunities for so many different kinds of students. The staff, faculty and professors are extremely welcoming and conductive to a great learning environment. Between all of the events, networking opportunities, or personalized career advising, I knew that this grad school was the right fit for me.

Brittany Knight

MBA '21

It gave me a strong spirit of entrepreneurship. I couldn’t wait to get out and apply my business knowledge to start and grow a business. It created a level of excitement I carry with me today.

John Heller Jr.

MBA '90