Dual Degree MBA/MS

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Dual Degree MBA/MS Programs at Katz

Introducing new options for those who desire both a wide-ranging understanding of business and a deep specialization, our Katz Dual Degree MBA / MS programs allow you to pair your Signature MBA with a Katz Master of Science (MS) degree in Finance, Management Information Systems, Marketing Science, or Supply Chain Management. Each two-year program is designed to be completed in 21 months with time for a summer internship experience and includes an integrated learning capstone experience. Distinguish yourself with two graduate business degrees.

Tuition and Program Fees

Total Program Tuition and Total Program Fees

Katz Student Fee$8,400$8,400
Pitt Student Activity Fee$120$120
Pitt Wellness Fee$920$920
Pitt Computing & Network$700$700
Pitt Security & Transportation$520$520
Length of Program (# of terms)4 Terms Full-Time4 Terms Full-Time
ESTIMATE PER TERM*$17,542$27,872
* Katz tuition and fee calculations are for Academic Year 2021-2022 rates and subject to change in subsequent years. The Pitt Student Fees are applicable to Fall Term 2021 and are subject to change.


The Experienced-Based Learning courses provided a hands-on experience that helped me to develop leadership qualities, improve my communication abilities, and sharpen my critical thinking skills through real-world application.

Wenjia Huo

MBA '17

What makes Katz unique is the environment they cultivate for students right from the start. Katz encouraged a culture of collaboration, what I learned outside the classroom from my classmates has been just as valuable as what I learned from my professors.

Elizabeth Davis

MBA '17