Joint and Dual Degree // MBA and Juris Doctor

Undergraduate Business Alum Joclyn Torain standing at a campus building

MBA/Juris Doctor

The daily interaction of business and law in our society presents entrepreneurs, attorneys, and other professionals with a diverse set of challenges arising from public and private institutions, policies, and practices. A joint degree program can provide valuable interdisciplinary skills to tackle these challenges. The MBA/Juris Doctor program enables students to receive integrated training in law and business while reducing the amount of time ordinarily necessary to earn the two degrees from five years to four years.


To graduate with a JD and an MBA, you must acquire a total of 76 credits from Pitt Law and 39 credits from Katz. In other words, following one year of study at the School of Law and one year at Katz, a student typically must acquire at least 43 additional credits from the law school and 3 credits from Katz to graduate with both degrees. It is recommended that applicants apply to this program during their first year of study at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. View and download the MBA/JD degree requirements and curriculum plan » For more information on the requirements, faculty, and admission for the JD portion of the program, please see the Pitt Law website.


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Fall Term (18 credits)

Course Credits
BACC 2401 Financial Accounting 3
BECN 2401 Economic Analysis for Managerial Decision: Firms and Markets 3
BQOM 2401 Statistical Analysis: Uncertainty, Prediction, and Quality Improvement 3
BFIN 2409 Financial Management 1 1.5
BMKT 2409 Marketing Management 1.5
BOAH 2409 Organizational Behavior: Leadership and Group Effectiveness 1.5

Spring Term (18 credits)

Recommended Electives
Course Credits
BQOM 2421 Decision Technologies in Manufacturing and Operations Management 1.5
BSEO 2401 Business Ethics and Social Performance 1.5
BSPP 2409 Strategic Management 1.5
BMIS 2409 Information Systems 1.5

Final Term

Course Credits
BIND 2444 Management Simulation Capstone 3


I chose Katz because they offer so many opportunities for so many different kinds of students. The staff, faculty and professors are extremely welcoming and conductive to a great learning environment. Between all of the events, networking opportunities, or personalized career advising, I knew that this grad school was the right fit for me.

Brittany Knight

MBA '21

There was a great spirit of cooperation and camaraderie amongst my fellow students. I keep in touch with a number of my fellow Katz classmates to this day and we all agree that our time at Katz had a significant impact on our lives and careers.

Scott Frenz

MBA '02