Chevy Graham
(MBA ’20)

and my MBA has
the right mix of


Finding The Right Fit

When Chevy Graham (MBA ’20) was applying to grad schools, he didn’t have to look any farther than the Joseph M Katz Graduate School of Business, home of the top 30 MBA program in the world.

“I chose Katz due to the amazing people throughout the MBA program office, the excellent MBA curriculum, and the accessibility of the professors,” says Graham. “From, the admission process to graduation I never felt that I was alone on my journey and felt the support every step of the way.”

Chevy Graham

Building Experience

While at Katz, Graham stayed involved in professional activities to further his professional growth, his favorite being the Katz Global Research Practicum.

This program gave me the opportunity to go over to Ireland during spring break to understand the effects of Brexit on the UK and Ireland economies,” says Graham. “Having an amazing teacher like Professor Boyas made the experience even better with all the great perspectives she brought as my cohort learned.”

Katz has a world renown faculty foundation and the impact they have on the students is evident. Clinical Associate Professor Elise Boyas has received high accolades from students for being accessible and caring about the students and their success.

“Professor Boyas’ ability to make material interesting to learn but, most important her support she provided to us students were truly one of a kind,” says Graham. “She always made herself available if we needed support and allowed us to talk with her about our MBA experience even offering advice at times. She is truly one of my all-time favorite professors and I suggest that all incoming students should take her class!”

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Creating Perspective

Another key component of the Katz MBA is the real-life experience it provides. Professional networking, hands-on projects, and accessible professor all culminate to give a Katz MBA graduate an enhanced business acumen.

One of my favorite memories of Katz was the ability to network with students from all over the world and learning something new about them and their experiences in life,” says Graham. “Understanding my colleagues’ experiences really made me appreciate the opportunity I had at Katz in obtaining my MBA to enhance my learning experiences.”

Chevy has a unique confidence and sense of self.  He is always on a personal quest to make connections across subjects and topics and his natural curiosity made him a welcome addition to my course rosters.

Elise Boyas

Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration

Chevy Graham at the Katz School of Business Blue Blazer Ceremony held at Alumni Hall, Friday, August 24, 2018

The Katz MBA is the Right Fit for You.