Anthony Winfield Jr.
(MBA ’22)

and my MBA has
the right mix of


Reaching Goals

From the moment he stepped foot on Pitt’s campus, Anthony C. Winfield Jr. was set to take advantage of all the opportunities ahead of him.

“The Katz Graduate School of Business is one of the few schools that is leading the way with experience-based learning in the curriculum,” says Winfield. “Learning under this curriculum provides MBA students with a first-hand framework to work with when approaching issues that are rare among MBA programs in today’s fast-paced technology industries. Katz encourages its students to discover ways to influence decisions and communicate the ideas effectively so that students can work towards the right goal.”

Chevy Graham

Staying Involved

Winfield has been so impacted by his Katz experience, that his giving his time and energy back to the school community as the student executive board president.

“Katz’s culture challenges its students to take control of their academic experience, both inside and outside the classroom,” says Winfield. “Participating in one of the substantial extracurricular activities, students can engage with the University and the local Pittsburgh community. As a result, fostering a strong community where each individual is valued and contributes to the mission of humanity and the school.”

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Gaining Experience

The experience-based learning and hands-on curriculum Winfield is referencing is a critical piece in the Katz puzzle. One of the best ways students are prepped for their career after graduation is by getting hand-on experience during their education.

“Last fall, I worked with a client in my consulting field project class where we identified their business problem and provided a recommendation. Within my team’s analysis of the client’s problem, we analyzed real-time data from their social media marketing channels that helped our team deliver a data-driven recommendation,” says Winfield. “This experience was instrumental to my education because it allowed me to take the theoretical strategies I learned in classes to address a client’s problem. As a result, I’m now more vocal and passionate about data-driven solutions due to the curriculum I’ve been taught, the peers that I have met, and the pivotal moments I’ve encountered.”

Chevy Graham at the Katz School of Business Blue Blazer Ceremony held at Alumni Hall, Friday, August 24, 2018