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Mentoring Match with Kayla Hadad

he Pitt Business Mentoring Match program takes advantage of our strong, global alumni network. It gives alumni the opportunity to give back to the school and interact with talented, young professionals. And it helps students connect with experienced leaders who can offer invaluable guidance and coaching support. The mentoring program is a critical part of how Pitt Business takes students From the Classroom, To the City, To the World. It is powered by a searchable online database that lets students search for alumni types by industry, functional area, geographic location, and other parameters.

We recently caught up with Kayla Haddad, a Marketing and Supply Chain junior, who was matched with mentor Jeremy Burke, Senior Manager eCommerce at Nestlé Health Science.

Why did you sign up for the Mentoring Match program?

“In the July before transferring to Pitt, I saw a post on Instagram for Pitt Business Mentor Match and I instantly signed up! I knew the value of having a mentor when it came to professional and personal advice, and I knew I wanted someone from the CPG industry, so I matched with Jeremy Burke.”

How have you and your mentor, Jeremy, connected?

“We’ve talked almost every day since I first joined the program! We chat on the phone, email back and forth. I’ll ask him for advice when it comes to classes, or my upcoming internship, or we just talk about Pitt and what’s going on at school! Jeremy has had a lot of the same professors I do too. When I transferred to Pitt, I knew nothing about Oakland, so he told me all the places to eat and go!”

Tell us about your career success with Mentoring Match.

“Since my mentor works for Nestlé, I applied for the sales summer internship. He walked me through the entire interview process and preparation. I went through four rounds of interviews, ending with an interview at their headquarters in Arlington. My mentor connected me to the right people, pushed my resume through the thousands that applied, and even called the interviewers afterward and asked what I could work on for the next round!”

Why should other students join the program?

“Having a mentor is not just someone to give you advice about your career, it is also someone you can lean on and be there for you in your personal and professional life. Jeremy and I are so close and I never thought that I could have a mentor and friend all in one! If it wasn’t for him, I would not be where I am today or have the confidence I do now when it comes to interviewing and career development. I am glad that he will always be in my life as a mentor and as a friend!”

This summer, Kayla will be joining the Nestlé USA team as a Sales Intern. Learn more about the Mentoring Match program and register now.