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William Lekse

William Lekse

Adjunct Professor, University of Pittsburgh


William Lekse has experience at the highest levels of global management in both profit and non-profit organizations, Dr. Lekse is the past President/Founder of Black Diamond Company and past President and Acting CEO of Blue Danube Inc. Dr. Lekse has been an officer and/or director of various profit and non-profit organizations and received awards from both private and governmental bodies.  Dr. Lekse has been chairman of several advisory committees for governmental regulatory agencies of both the congressional and executive branches of government. 

He has conducted business in the communication, construction, manufacturing, mining, power generation and transportation industries in Asia, the Pacific Rim, South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Prior to entering the business community he served as an officer in the US Navy and was responsible for the construction and testing of nuclear submarines for Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics. Dr. Lekse received his PhD with dual majors from the University of Pittsburgh and has received awards for developing and teaching technology-based courses.

Dr. Lekse performs research in entrepreneurship, strategic supply chain leadership, technology transformation, and corporate governance.  Dr. Lekse has conducted and is presently engaged in research projects in the US, Europe, China, and the Pacific Rim and has long-term working relationships within universities such as Harvard Business School’s International Strategy Group and Peking University.