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February 16, 2018

Help Pitt Business Succeed on Pitt Day of Giving

Pitt Business needs your help.

Next week, on Wednesday, February 28, the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business (Katz) and College of Business Administration (CBA) will participate in the second Pitt Day of Giving. Last year was the first-ever Pitt Day of Giving, where alumni, friends, parents, students, faculty, and staff raised more than $5.77 million for the University of Pittsburgh in 24 hours. Katz and CBA collectively raised close to $1 million of that total.

This year, Katz and CBA are highlighting the James B. Tafel Student Support Fund (Tafel Fund) as a top priority fund. Since 2007, this fund has given over 500 students at the University of Pittsburgh’s business schools the opportunity to pursue their education and outside-of-the-classroom professional development goals without financial burden. These experiences enhance their skillset, expose them to industry-specific career growth and networking opportunities, and lead to full-time job offers before graduation.

In supporting the Tafel Fund, you are paying it forward to future generations of students. A gift of any size will help eliminate the financial burden that many exceptional students face and will allow them to pursue valuable opportunities that jumpstart their career immediately upon graduation.

Here’s how to participate:

SAVE THE DATE: Get ready to follow the day’s progress online and make a gift to Pitt on February 28.

SHARE: Share Pitt Day of Giving content on your social media to help us reach even more people who care about Pitt. 

SIGN UP: Become an official social media ambassador and inspire others to make a gift on the Pitt Day of Giving.

Together, we can show the entire Pitt community how much Pitt, Katz and CBA have meant to us and what a remarkable difference we can make in advancing this great University for the next generation of Pitt students.

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