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Part-Time MBA

Expand Your Skills, Network and Career Potential

Core Cohort Online or

In-State Tuition for everyone

Balance Life, School and Career

Complete in
2-3 years

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On-Campus or Online

You decide how you want to earn your degree—on-campus or online— and we’ll provide our highly ranked MBA program to drive your career forward.

All courses in our Part-Time MBA program options are taught by the same accomplished faculty that teaches the full-time MBA classes. Both the online and on-campus programs use cohort-based learning.  As you progress through the courses together, you’ll form genuine connections with other students from diverse backgrounds and industries — and enjoy a more immersive experience.

The part-time MBA programs are designed to be completed in 2-3 years. Plus, you can receive personalized career advice from our Executives in Residence and get access to Pitt’s extensive alumni network in the field of your choice. These accomplished professionals have impressive professional backgrounds and volunteer to help guide Katz students.

Which Part-Time MBA is Right for You?

Our typical part-time MBA program is filled with a wide range of professionals and industries—engineers, accountants, project managers, and marketing team leaders—who look at business issues through a different lens, which enhances classroom discussions

Keep working during the day and spend one or two evenings a week investing in your future with the program that fits your lifestyle. If your schedule permits, a wide range of student organizations and experiential learning activities are available to you.

100% Online Part-Time MBA

Take all courses virtually, in the evening. The synchronous classes enable you to learn from lively and insightful discussions with other students and faculty.

The entire program is planned for you, which makes it a convenient way to develop much-needed business skills.

Come to Pittsburgh twice for residency weekends. Network with classmates and earn credit for both weekends to start and conclude your program. The first weekend includes orientation, team-building exercises, and academic workshops on quantitative topics. The second weekend is an integrated learning experience that reinforces what you learned in the classroom and prepares you to work in the executive space.

Online Hybrid Part-Time MBA

Take core courses virtually, with your cohort, then come on-campus for your electives. This gives you the best of both worlds, online convenience with in-person interactions.

Specialize with electives. You can hone your skills in integrative management by focusing your electives in a specific area.

Enjoy residency weekends. Since you start with the online cohort, you will still be with your cohort for the integrated learning weekends.

On-Campus Part-Time MBA

All classes are offered in the evening, to make it easy for you to continue working while you earn your degree.

Choose electives to match your individual goals. In addition to matching your electives that your interests, you can also complete a Katz Credential. Credentials are a bundle of specialized coursework that builds your capabilities, knowledge, and experience in a meaningful way.  We offer 18 credential tracks in topic areas ranging from managerial decision making, digital marketing & big data, business analytics, leading people in organizations and much more.

Tap Into Our Powerful Alumni Network

Earning your MBA from the Katz School of Business adds you to our extensive network of alumni, which includes executives in Pittsburgh’s leading companies and extends globally into nearly 90 countries. Katz graduates are advancing their careers with companies such as:

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As a Professional MBA student, I enjoy being able to work with other part-time students with industry knowledge and expertise. I’m always learning something new, hearing a different perspective, or gaining insights from part-time students in other industries, companies, and corporate cultures.

Tyler Wilson

MBA '19

There was a great spirit of cooperation and camaraderie amongst my fellow students. I keep in touch with a number of my fellow Katz classmates to this day and we all agree that our time at Katz had a significant impact on our lives and careers.

Scott Frenz

MBA '02