J. Jeffrey Inman

  • Associate Dean for Research and Faculty
  • Albert Wesley Frey Professor of Marketing
  • Professor of Business Administration


J. Jeffrey Inman is president of the Society for Consumer Psychology, and is past president of the Association for Consumer Research. He joined the faculty of the Katz School in 2000 as the Thomas Marshall Professor of Marketing. He was named the Albert Wesley Frey Professor of Marketing in 2003. Prior to joining Katz, he was on the faculties at the University of Wisconsin (1994-2000) and the University of Southern California (1991-94). He currently is on the editorial board of the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and Journal of Retailing. He is also an associate editor at the Journal of Marketing Research and the Journal of Marketing.

Inman's interests include consumer decision making, shopper marketing, and eating behaviors. His work has appeared in scholarly journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, and Journal of Marketing. Before entering academia, he worked at General Motors as a production supervisor and Texas Instruments Inc. as a semiconductor distribution manager.

Courses Recently Taught

  • BMKT 2411 Marketing Management
  • BMKT 2538 Category Management
  • BMKT 2546 Data-Based Marketing Insights

Recent Publications

Maureen Morrin, J. Jeffrey Inman, Susan Broniarczyk, Gergana Nenkov, and Jonathan Reuter (2012), "Investing for Retirement: The Moderating Effects of Fund Assortment Size on the 1/n Heuristic," Journal of Marketing Research, in press.

Maureen Morrin, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Susan Broniarczyk (2012), "Plan Format and Participation in 401k Plans: The Moderating Role of Investor Knowledge," Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, in press.

Meng Zhu, Darron M. Billeter, and J. Jeffrey Inman (2011), "The "Double-edged Sword" of Signaling Effectiveness: When Salient Cues Curb Post-Purchase Consumption," Journal of Marketing Research, in press.

Didem Kurt, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Jennifer J. Argo (2011),"How Friends Promote Consumer Spending," Journal of Marketing Research, 38 (August), 741-754.

Karen M. Stilley, J. Jeffrey Inman and Kirk L. Wakefield (2010), "Planning to Make Unplanned Purchases? The Role of Discretionary Budgets in In-Store Decision Making," Journal of Consumer Research, 37 (August), 264-278.

Karen M. Stilley, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Kirk L. Wakefield (2010), "Spending on the Fly: Mental Budgets, Promotions, and Spending Behavior," Journal of Marketing, 74 (May), 34-47.

J. Jeffrey Inman, Russell S. Winer, and Rosellina Ferraro (2009), "In-Store Decision Making: The Role of Category-Level and Shopping Trip-Level Factors," Journal of Marketing, 73 (September), 19-29.

Gergana Nenkov, J. Jeffrey Inman, John Hulland, Maureen Morrin (2009), "Moderators of Descriptive Variance Effects in Investment Decisions," Journal of Marketing Research, in press.

Adwait Khare and J. Jeffrey Inman (2009), "Daily, Weekly, and Holiday Patterns in Consumers' Caloric Intake," Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, in press.

Tansev Geylani, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Frenkel ter Hofstede (2008), "Image Reinforcement or Impairment: The Effects of Co-Branding on Attribute Uncertainty," Marketing Science, 27 (4), 730-744.

Song-Zan Chiou-Wei and J. Jeffrey Inman (2008), "Do Shoppers Like Electronic Coupons? A Panel Data Analysis," Journal of Retailing, 84 (September), 297-307.

Xin He, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Vikas Mittal (2008), "Gender Jeopardy: The Effects of Issue Capability and Gender in Risk Taking," Journal of Marketing Research, 45 (Aug), 414-424.

Gergana Nenkov, J. Jeffrey Inman, and John Hulland (2008), "Expectations about the Future: Elaboration of Potential Outcomes as a Determinant of Self-Regulation," Journal of Consumer Research, 35 (June), 126-141.

Maureen Morrin, Susan Broniarczyk, J. Jeffrey Inman, and John Broussard (2008), "Saving for Retirement: The Effects of Fund Assortment Size and Investor Knowledge on Asset Allocation Strategies," Journal of Consumer Affairs, 42 (2), 206-222.

J. Jeffrey Inman, Joonwook Park, and Ashish Sinha (2008), "A Dynamic Choice Map Approach to Modeling Attribute-Level Varied Behavior Among Stockkeeping Units," Journal of Marketing Research, 45 (February), 94-103.

Andrea Maier, Zata Vickers, and J. Jeffrey Inman (2007), "Sensory-Specific Satiety. Its Crossovers, and Subsequent Choice of Potato Chip Flavors," Appetite, 49 (2), 419-428.

J. Jeffrey Inman (2007), "Regret Regulation: Disentangling Self-Reproach from Learning," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 17 (1), 19-24.

Nitika Garg, Brian Wansink, and J. Jeffrey Inman (2007), "The Influence of Incidental Affect on Consumers' Food Intake," Journal of Marketing, 71 (January), 194-206.

Adwait Khare and J. Jeffrey Inman (2006), "Habitual Behavior In American Eating Patterns: The Role of Meal Occasions," Journal of Consumer Research, 32 (March), 567-575.

Ashish Sinha, J. Jeffrey Inman, Joonwook Park, and Yantao Wang (2005), "Attribute Drivers: A Factor Analytic Choice Map Approach for Understanding Choices Among SKUs," Marketing Science, 24 (Summer), 351-359.

Nitika Garg, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Vikas Mittal (2005), "Incidental and Task-Related Affect: A Re-Inquiry and Extension of the Influence of Affect on Choice," Journal of Consumer Research, 32 (June), 154-159.

Rebecca J. Slotegraaf and J. Jeffrey Inman (2004), "Longitudinal Shifts in the Drivers of Perceived Product Quality: The Role of Attribute Resolvability," Journal of Marketing Research, 41 (August), 269-280.

Priya Raghubir, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Hans Grande (2004), "The Three Faces of Price Promotions," California Management Review, 46 (Summer), 23-42.

J. Jeffrey Inman, Venkatesh Shankar, and Rosellina Ferraro (2004), "The Roles of Channel-Category Associations and Geodemographics in Channel Patronage" Journal of Marketing, 68 (April), 51-71.

Kirk L. Wakefield and J. Jeffrey Inman (2003), "Situational Price Sensitivity: The Role of Consumption Occasion, Social Context, and Income," Journal of Retailing, 79 (4), 199-212.

Recent Working Papers

Karen Page Winterich, Vikas Mittal, and J. Jeffrey Inman, "How Psychological Closeness Affects Regret and Social Distancing," under review at OBHDP.

Kalpesh Desai, Vijay Hariharana, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Debu Talukdar, "Attitudinal Commitment and Behavioral Loyalty: A Field Examination," finalizing for submission to Marketing Science.

Ryan J. Luchs, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Venkatesh Shankar, "Channel Blurring: A Study of Cross-Format Shopping Among U.S. Households," finalizing for submission to Journal of Marketing Research.

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Healthcare Management
Supply Chain Management

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Marketing and Business Economics

Personal Interests

Inman enjoys spending time with his family and playing basketball.


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