Peggy Liu

  • Ben L. Fryrear Faculty Fellow
  • Assistant Professor of Business Administration


Peggy Liu is Assistant Professor of Marketing and Ben L. Fryrear Faculty Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh's Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business. Her research has appeared in top marketing, management, and psychology journals, such as Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Management Science, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes, and Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin, and she has also published extensively in public health and medical journals. She currently serves on the editorial review boards of Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Consumer Psychology. Her research focuses on consumer behavior, particularly as it relates to consumer welfare and well-being in the health and social domains. She has won multiple awards for her research, including the ACR-Sheth Foundation Dissertation Award and the Katz Excellence in Research Award. Her paper, “The Primacy of ‘What’ Over ‘How Much’: How Type and Quantity Shape Healthiness Perceptions of Food Portions,” was named a finalist for the Society for Consumer Psychology’s Best Individual Paper Award in 2018. Professor Liu currently teaches undergraduate consumer behavior and has won the Katz Excellence in Teaching Award.


  • PhD in Business Administration (Marketing), 2016, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
  • BS in Psychology with Distinction (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa), 2011, Yale University

Recent Publications

Liu, Peggy J. and Kate E. Min, “Where Do You Want to Go for Dinner? A Preference Expression Asymmetry in Joint Consumption,” Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming.

Liu, Peggy J. and Kelly L. Haws, "Cutting Calories: The Preference for Lower Caloric-Density versus Smaller Quantities among Restrained and Unrestrained Eaters,” Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming.

Liu, Peggy J. and Ernest Baskin, “The Quality versus Quantity Tradeoff: Why and When Choices for Self versus Others Differ,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, forthcoming.

Kim, Soo, Peggy J. Liu, and Kate E. Min, “Reminder Avoidance: Why People Hesitate to Disclose Their Insecurities to Friends,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, forthcoming.

Liu, Peggy J., Cait Lamberton, and Kelly L. Haws (2020), “The Aggregated Extremes Effect: Not All Routes to ‘Balanced’ Bundles are Equally Appealing,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 30 (2), 219-239 (lead article).

Haws, Kelly L., Peggy J. Liu, Steven K. Dallas, John Cawley, and Christina A. Roberto (2020), “Any Size for a Dollar: The Effect of Any-Size-Same-Price versus Standard Pricing on Beverage Size Choices,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 30 (2), 392-401.

Liu, Peggy J., Brent McFerran, and Kelly L. Haws (2020), "Mindful Matching: Ordinal versus Nominal Attributes," Journal of Marketing Research, 57 (1), 134-155.

Liu, Peggy J., Steven K. Dallas, and Gavan J. Fitzsimons (2019), "A Framework for Understanding Consumer Choices for Others," Journal of Consumer Research, 46 (3), 407-434 (lead article).

Liu, Peggy J., Kelly L. Haws, Karen Scherr, Joseph P. Redden, James R. Bettman, and Gavan J. Fitzsimons (2019), “The Primacy of ‘What’ Over ‘How Much’: How Type and Quantity Shape Healthiness Perceptions of Food Portions,” Management Science, 65 (7), 3353-3381.

Liu, Peggy J., Cait Lamberton, James R. Bettman, and Gavan J. Fitzsimons (2019), “Delicate Snowflakes and Broken Bonds: A Conceptualization of Consumption-Based Offense,” Journal of Consumer Research, 45 (6), 1164-1193.

Rim, SoYon, Kate E. Min, Peggy J. Liu, Tanya L. Chartrand, and Yaacov Trope (2019), "The Gift of Psychological Closeness: How Feasible Versus Desirable Gifts Reduce Psychological Distance to the Giver," Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 45 (3), 360-371.

Dallas, Steven K.*, Peggy J. Liu*, and Peter A. Ubel (2019), “Don’t Count Calorie Labeling Out: Calorie Counts on the Left Side of Menu Items Lead to Lower Calorie Food Choice,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 29 (1), 60-69.

Tangari, Andrea H., My (Myla) Bui, Kelly L. Haws, and Peggy J. Liu (2019), “That’s Not So Bad, I’ll Eat More! Backfire Effects of Calories-per-Serving Information on Snack Consumption,” Journal of Marketing, 83 (1), 133-150.

Liu, Peggy J., Steven K. Dallas, Matthew Harding, and Gavan J. Fitzsimons (2018), “The Sales Impact of Featuring Healthy Foods, Indulgent Foods, or Both: Findings from a Large-Scale Retail Field Study,” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 3 (3), 346-363.

Williams, Andrew M., Peggy J. Liu, Kelly W. Muir, and Evan L. Waxman (2018), “Behavioral Economics and Diabetic Eye Exams,” Preventive Medicine, 112 (1), 76-87.

Liu, Peggy J.* and Stephanie C. Lin* (2018), “Projecting Lower Competence to Maintain Moral Warmth in the Avoidance of Prosocial Requests,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 28 (1), 23-39.

Min, Kate E.*, Peggy J. Liu*, and Soo Kim* (2018), “Sharing Extraordinary Experiences Fosters Feelings of Closeness,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 44 (1), 107-121.

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Haws, Kelly L. and Peggy J. Liu (2016), “Combining Food Type(s) and Food Quantity Choice in a New Food Choice Paradigm Based on Vice-Virtue Bundles,” Appetite, 103 (1), 441-449.

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Liu, Peggy J., Christina A. Roberto, Linda J. Liu, and Kelly D. Brownell (2012), “A Test of Different Menu Labeling Presentations,” Appetite, 59 (3), 770-777.

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