Sharon Alvarez

  • Thomas W. Olofson Chair in Entrepreneurship


Dr. Sharon Alvarez is the Thomas W. Olofson Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh. She previously served as the Walter Koch Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver and prior to that as an Associate Professor of entrepreneurship and management and the Academic Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Max M. Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University. Professor Alvarez is the Past Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management and was the Denver Program Chair for the 2015 Strategic Management Society meetings as well as Representative at Large for the SMS Entrepreneurship Interest Group.

A Max Planck Scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Systems Research, Alvarez has been a visiting professor at Sun-Yet-Sen University in China, the University of Alberta, and the University of Utah. Her current research includes entrepreneurship theory of opportunities, firm, and market emergence. She is a current associate editor for the Academy of Management Review and past associate editor for Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. She has been published in Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management, and Human Resource Management Journal. 

Professor Alvarez’s paper (with Barney) “Discovery and Creation: Alternative Theories of Entrepreneurial Action” won the Academy of Management’s Entrepreneurship Division 2019 Foundational Paper Award as well as the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Best Paper Award; her paper (with Barney) “Forming and Exploiting Opportunities: The Implications of Discovery and Creation Processes for Entrepreneurial and Organizational Research” was the runner-up for the INFORMS award; and her paper (with Barney) “How Entrepreneurs Organize under Conditions of Uncertainty” won the Journal of Management Best Paper Award. Her work in the Journal of Management is the 27th most cited article in the last 50 years; she has over 14,500 citations overall.

Awards and Honors

2019       Academy of Management Foundational Paper Award
2014       Strategic Management Society Best Paper
2010       Journal of Management Best Paper
2008       Fisher College of Business Undergraduate Teaching Award
2006       Kauffman Grant for SES ($81,000)
2005       Kauffman Grant ($50,000)
2006       Max Planck Scholar in Entrepreneurship and Economic Systems
2005       Max Planck Scholar in Entrepreneurship and Economic Systems
2004       Max Planck Scholar in Entrepreneurship and Economic Systems
2004       Fisher College of Business Entrepreneurship Program ranked top 13
2002       Fisher College of Business Entrepreneurship Center Seed ($500,000)
2002       Midwest Academy of Management Best Paper Nominee 2002
2002       Strategic Management Society McKinsey Best Paper Nominee 2001, 2002
2001       Midwestern Academy of Management-Best Reviewer Award
1998       Kauffman Emerging Scholars Dissertation Award ($16,000)
1998       Price Babson Fellowship ($4,000)
1997       Graduate School Academic Fellowship ($2,000)
1997       MacMillian Entrepreneurship Fellowship ($2,000)
1996       MacMillian Entrepreneurship Fellowship ($2,000)
1996       Kauffman Research Grant ($30,000)
1993       Coca Cola Foundation Research Grant ($36,000)


  • PhD, Business Administration: Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, University of Colorado
  • MBA, International Management, University of Denver
  • BSBA, University of Colorado

Recent Publications

Alvarez, S.A., Barney, J.B., McBride, R., & Wuebker, R. (2016). On Opportunities: Philosophical and Empirical Implications. Academy of Management Review, forthcoming.

Morris, S., Alvarez, S.A., Barney, J.B., Molloy, J. (2015). Firm-specific human capital investments as a signal of general value: Revisiting assumptions about human capital and how it is managed. Strategic Management Journal. In press, available as early view.

Alvarez, S.A., Young, S.L., & Woolley, J. (2015). Opportunities and institutions: A co-creation story of the king crab industry. Journal of Business Venturing, 30(1): 95-112.

Alvarez, S.A., Barney, J.B., & Newman, A.M.B. (2015). The poverty problem and the industrialization solution. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 32(1): 23-37.

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