PhD in Accounting // Collaborative Research

Collaborative Research

Current or former Doctoral Student names are in bold type.

“Do Effort Differences between Bonus and Penalty Contract Frames Persist in Labor Markets?” 2019. (George Gonzalez, Vicky Hoffman, and Don Moser.). Forthcoming at The Accounting Review.

“A Reinvestigation of the Impact of Section 162(m) of the Internal Revenue Code: The Peculiar Case of CFOs.” 2019. (Harry Evans, Steven Balsam, and Amy Yurko). Journal of American Taxation Association.

“Continuous Auditing’s Effectiveness as a Fraud Deterrent.” 2018. (George Gonzalez and Vicky Hoffman). Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, Volume 37 (2): 225-247.

“Does Investors’ Desire to Punish Misreporting Affect Their Litigation Decisions and Managers’ and Investors’ Welfare?” 2017 (Jason Brown and Donald Moser), Behavioral Research in Accounting, 29(1): 57-75.

“Honor Among Thieves: Open Internal Reporting and Managerial Collusion.” 2016 (Harry Evans, Andrew Newman, Don Moser, and Bryan Stikeleather), Contemporary Accounting Research, 33: 1375- 402.

“Managers’ Green Investment Disclosures and Investors’ Reaction.” 2016. (Patrick Martin and Don Moser), Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol. 61 (1): 239-254.

“The Consequences of Hiring Lower-Wage Workers in an Incomplete Contract Environment.” 2015. (Jason Brown, Patrick Martin, Don Moser & Roberto Weber), The Accounting Review, 90(3): 941-966.

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What makes Katz unique is the environment they cultivate for students right from the start. Katz encouraged a culture of collaboration, what I learned outside the classroom from my classmates has been just as valuable as what I learned from my professors.

Elizabeth Davis

MBA '17

Katz has the perfect combination of small class sizes that foster a great learning environment while simultaneously having the perks of a larger program like access to working with great companies and professors.

Alexandra Sumkin

MBA '17