PhD in Business Analytics and Operations // Collaborative Research

Collaborative Research

Our collaboration frequently results in articles that are published in top journals. Some recent examples over the last several years include the following. Note: PhD students are listed in bold type.

Goffman, Rachel M.; Harris, Shannon L.; May, Jerrold H.; Milicevic, Aleksandra Sasha; Monte, Robert J.; Myaskovsky, Larissa; Rodriguez, Keri L.; Tjader, Youxu C.; and Vargas, Dominic L., “Modeling Patient No-show History and Predicting Future Outpatient Appointment Behavior in the Veterans Health Administration.” Military Medicine 182 (2017) 1708-1714.

Glowacka, Karolina; May, Jerrold; Goffman, Rachel; May, Elizabeth; Milicevic, Aleksandra Sasha; Rodriguez, Keri; Tjader, Youxu; Vargas, Dominic; and Vargas, Luis G., “On Prioritizing On-Time Arrivals in an Outpatient Clinic,” IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering 7 (2017) 93-106.

Christopher Groening, Pinar Yildrim, Vikas Mittal, and Pandu Tadikamalla, “Hedging Customer Risk,” Customer Needs and Solutions, (2014) Vol. 1, pp. 105-116.

Roumani, Yazan F., May, Jerrold H., Strum, David P., and Luis G. Vargas, “Classifying highly imbalanced ICU data,” Health Care Management Science (2013) 16:119–128.

Davies, Michael L, Goffman, Rachel M, May, Jerrold H, Monte, Robert J, Rodriguez, Keri L Rodriguez, Tjader, Youxu C, Vargas, D. L., “Large-Scale No-Show Patterns and Distributions for Clinic Operational Research,” Healthcare 4 (2016).

Harris, Shannon L., May, Jerrold H., and Vargas, Luis G., “Predictive Analytics Model For Healthcare Planning and Scheduling,” European Journal of Operational Research 253:1 (2016) 121-131.

Nenova, Zlatana D. and May, Jerrold H., “Determining an optimal hierarchical forecasting model based on the characteristics of the data set,” Journal of Operations Management 44 (2016) 62-68.

Penmetsa, Nabita S., Esther Gal-Or and Jerrold H. May, “Dynamic Pricing of Service Upgrades in Subscription Markets”, Production and Operations Management 24:6 (2015) 896-916.

Tjader, Youxu C., May, Jerrold H., Shang, Jennifer, Vargas, Luis G., and Gao, Ning, “Firm-level outsourcing decision making: A balanced scorecard-based analytic network process model,” International Journal of Production Economics, 147 (2014) 614-623.

Harris, Shannon L., and May, Jerrold H., “A Predictive Model for Advance Appointment Cancellations,” Proceedings of INFORMS Workshop on Data Mining and Analytics (DMA), San Francisco, CA, Minneapolis, MN, 8 November 2014.

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Shang, Jennifer, Tjader, Youxu C., and, Luis G. Vargas, Offshore Outsourcing Decision Making: A Policy-Maker’s Perspective,” European Journal of Operational Research, 207(1), 2010, 434-444.


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