PhD in Business Analytics and Operations // Collaborative Research

Collaborative Research

Our collaboration frequently results in articles that are published in top journals. Some recent examples over the last several years include the following. Note: PhD students are listed in bold type.
Sava, M. G., Vargas, L. G., May, J. H., & Dolan, J. G. (2019). An analysis of the sensitivity and stability of patients’ preferences can lead to more appropriate medical decisions. Annals of Operations Research, 1-39.

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Sava, M. G., Dolan, J. G., May, J. H., & Vargas, L. G. (2018). A Personalized Approach of Patient–Health Care Provider Communication Regarding Colorectal Cancer Screening Options. Medical Decision Making, 38(5), 601-613.

Ramasubbu, N., Shang, J., May, J. H., Tjader, Y., & Vargas, L. (2018). Task Interdependence and Firm Performance in Outsourced Service Operations. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.

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Nenova, Zlatana D. and Jennifer Shang (2022), Chronic Disease Progression Prediction: Leveraging Case‐Based Reasoning and Big Data Analytics. Production and Operations Management, 31(1), 259-280.

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Sava, M. Gabriela, May, J. H., Shang, J., Vargas, L. G., & Dolan, J. G. (2022). A unified framework for joint patient-physician collaboration: The colorectal cancer screening problem. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 73(6), 1211-1226.

Sava, M. Gabriela., Stanciu, A., Dolan, J. G., May, J. H., & Vargas, L. G. (2022). Implications of the stability analysis of preferences for personalised colorectal cancer screening. Journal of Multi‐Criteria Decision Analysis, 29(3-4), 244-258.


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