PhD in Marketing

The Katz Marketing PhD Program follows a mentorship-based model, where students work intensively with a subset of the faculty to explore their areas of interest. Our students build their skills by taking a wide variety of classes tailored to their domain of study, playing both leading and supporting roles on original research projects, presenting at major conferences, and publishing in top-tier journals. We also encourage our students to build connections in the broader marketing community through our speaker series and our annual Sheth Marketing Camp.


Our faculty strives to conduct research in collaboration with our students. The collaboration frequently results in articles that are published in top journals. View a list of recent collaboratively published articles.

According to the University of Texas Dallas Database that tracks publications in the leading journals, our faculty is ranked 15th in North America based on research contribution from 2009 to 2013.


The Katz marketing faculty is internationally recognized as experts in their fields and have published in prestigious academic journals such as Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, and Management Science. Read more about highlights from our marketing faculty.

Current Students and Alumni Placements

We are one of the best programs in the country with respect to our recent placements.
Visit our list of recent PhD placement institutions.

Some of our alumni are now professors in top schools including:

  • Dartmouth College
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Syracuse University
  • University of Pennsylvania, Wharton
  • University of South Carolina
  • Oxford University

Other notable alumni from our PhD program are faculty at top schools including:

  • Dr. Jag Sheth, Emory University
  • Dr. Rohit Deshpande, Harvard University
  • Dr. Christine Moorman, Duke University
  • Dr. Ajay Kohli, Georgia Tech
  • Dr. Dan Smith, Indiana University
  • Dr. Karen Winterich, Pennsylvania State University


The sample curriculum shown below is for students on the Consumer Behavior Track. For students on the Quantitative Track (Empirical or Analytical Modeling), the curriculum may include, for example, econometrics, bayesian statistics, microeconomics, game theory, computer science courses etc. from Pitt and CMU.

Year 1 Curriculum: Fall Term

An exploration of critical thinking.

BMKT 2513 Consumer Behavior 1
BMKT 2514 Consumer Behavior 2
PSYED 2019 STAT 2 Analysis of Variance
PSYED 2410 Applied Regression Analysis
CMU 0739 Topics in Consumer Behavior

Year 1 Curriculum: Spring Term

A thorough examination of research methods.

BMKT 3017 Marketing Models
BMKT 3099 Readings in Marketing
CMU 0894 Research Methods Behavioral Science
PSYED 2416 Applied Multivariate Analysis

Year 1 Curriculum: Summer Term

Research paper with faculty guidance.

BMKT 3030 Workshop Summer Paper

Year 2 Curriculum: Fall Term

A continued study in critical thinking and research methods.

BMKT 3014 Marketing Strategy
CMU 0702 Behavioral Economics
PSYED 3485 Advanced Topics in Research Design

Year 2 Curriculum: Spring Term

A further dive into major concentrations, critical thinking, and research methods.

BMKT 3025 Market Behavior Research
PSY 2111 Foundations of Social Psychology
PSYED 2030 Experimental Design
PSYED 3408 Hierarchical Linear Modeling

Year 2 Curriculum: Summer Term

A comprehensive independent study.

Independent Study

Year 3 Curriculum: Fall, Spring, and Summer Terms

Fully concentrated work on dissertation and service as teaching assistant.

BUSADM 3199 (9 Dissertation Credits)
FTDF 0000 Full-Time Dissertation Study

Years 4 and 5 Curriculum

Teach and enter the job market to defend your dissertation.

FTDF 0000 Full-Time Dissertation Study


I chose Pitt over other schools for the exceptional faculty at Katz and for the flexibility and freedom it provides. The faculty, who are world-class researchers, genuinely care for my growth and are always open to discuss and collaborate on new research ideas. The flexible course of study allows me to draw from a vast array of courses offered across different schools, helping me choose only those which best fit my needs. I am lucky to be part of the Katz community, which inspires me to do better every day!

Sushma Kambagowni

PhD, Marketing

Pitt has spectacular faculty and staff members. One can work with world-class scholars on rigor and relevant topics in business fields. I’m fortunate to work with possibly the best mentors one could ask for – they respect your own research interests, always inspire you, and they encourage curiosity, discovery, and blazing your own trail. They support and help me evolve as an independent researcher and a future educator.

Xinyu Fu

PhD, Information Systems and Technology Management