PhD in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management // Collaborative Research

Collaborative Research

OBHRM faculty publish regularly with doctoral students.
Such publications include (doctoral students are listed in bold type):

Cao, Yinyin, Frits K. Pil, & Benn Lawson, (2021), ‘Signaling and social influence: the impact of corporate volunteer programs.’ Journal of Managerial Psychology, 36: 183-196.

Valdes, Léon, Trevor Young-Hyman, CB Bhattacharya, Oliver Hahl, and Evan Gilbertson. “The Effect of Social Impact Language on Employee Recruitment.” Under review

Young-Hyman, T. Oliver Hahl, and Evan Gilbertson. “Nice If You Don’t Already Have It: The Effects of Empowerment Language on Male and Female Applicant Behavior.” Working paper.

Lebel, R.D., Yang, X., Parker, S., & Kamran-Morley, D. What Makes You Proactive Can Burn You Out: The Downside of Proactive Skill Building Motivated by Financial Precarity and Fear. Working paper.  

Meuris, J. & Leana, C. 2018. The price of financial precarity: Organizational costs of employee financial concerns. Organization Science.

Stiehl, E., Kossek, E. & Leana, C. 2018. Care flows in organizations. Organizational Psychology Review.

Caner, T., Cohen, S. & Pil, F. 2017. The moderating effect of partner knowledge distance on the inventive benefits of firm knowledge variety. Strategic Management Journal

Leana, C., Meuris, J. & Lamberton, C. 2018. More than a feeling: The role of empathetic care in promoting patient safety and worker attachment in healthcare. Industrial & Labor Relations Review

Florkowski, G. W., & Olivas-Luján, M. R. Predicting HR’s involvement and influence in strategic decision-making. Management Revue:  Socio-Economic Studies.

Meuris, J. & Leana, C.2016. The high cost of low pay: Economic scarcity effects in organizations. Research in Organizational Behavior.

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Olivas-Luján. M. R., & Florkowski, G. W. 2010. Does IT governance matter in e-HRM? International Journal of Business Information Systems.


I love the doctoral program because the kind of mentorship I receive is above and beyond any kind of advising relationship I have ever had. I feel like I can go to my advisors about anything and everything, and that they will take the time to listen and give me feedback that is both kind and brutally honest. 

Daniya Kamran Morley

PhD '20

The Katz PhD program gives the opportunity to grow into a well-rounded academic. The relationships with faculty allowed me to learn while honing and cultivating interesting and insightful research.

Mikhail Gordon

PhD '18