G.G. Hegde
Associate Professor of Business Administration


348 Mervis Hall


G. G. Hegde’s recent publications have been in the Healthcare and Emergency Medicine domain. In his analytical and empirical research, Dr. Hegde has studied manufacturing and service management issues from a systems perspective, where design engineering, production control, accounting, and market/field constitute a production system. He has emphasized bridging theory with practice in research and in teaching. Some of his field-based research projects which grew out of his interactions with industry have helped in understanding the workings of manufacturing and service systems in the organizations studied. His recent consulting activities have been in the financial services and e-commerce areas.

Dr. Hegde has taught a wide variety of process management, statistics and quantitative methods courses at the Katz School, Duke University, Georgetown University, University of Maryland, and the University of Rochester, in addition to his teaching emphasis in the field of manufacturing management.

Courses Recently Taught

  • Process Engineering
  • Production Management and Process Improvement
  • Quantitative Methods

Areas of Expertise

Health Care Operations and Emergency Departments Operations Management


  • PhD, University of Rochester
  • MS, University of Rochester
  • MSc, Karnataka University

Recent Publications

“Strategic Management of Operations in the Emergency Department,”  with Venkat et al., Production and Operations Management, 2015.

“Evaluation of Viewpoints of Health Care Professionals on the Role of Ethics Committees and Hospitals in the Resolution of Clinical Ethical Dilemmas Based on Practice Environment,” with Venkat et al., HealthCare Ethics Committee Forum, 2014, Dec; 26(4)

“Racial Disparities in Reimbursement for Physician Professional Services in the Emergency Department,” with Venkat et al., American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2014, Sep 1;32(9):1060-7.

“Pharmacist Addition to the Post-Emergency Department Visit Review of Discharge Antimicrobial Regimens,” with Venkat et al., American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2014, Oct 2;32(10):1270-4.

“Resource Utilization and Healthcare Charges Associated with the Most Frequent Emergency Department Users,” with Ondler et. al., American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2014 Oct

“Development and Evaluation of Educational Materials for Pre-hospital and Emergency Department Personnel on the Care of Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder” with Venkat et al., Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders: Volume 44, Issue 5, May 2014,1252-1259

“Incorporating Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment into Emergency Nursing Workflow Using an Existing Computerized Physician Order Entry/Clinical Decision Support System.” with Slain et al., Journal of Emergency Nursing, Volume 40, Number 6, November 2014, 568-574

“Delays in The Administration of Antimicrobials in the ED and The Impact of An Educational Intervention to Improve Such Administration,” with Groth et al.,  European Journal of Emergency Medicine, Volume 20, Number 5, October 2013, 339-343

“An Analysis of POC and Central Laboratory INR Testing in ED Patients with Cerebrovascular Disease,”  with Venkat et al., American Journal of Emergency Medicine, Volume 30, Number 9, November 2012, 2025-2029

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“Feasibility of Integrating a Clinical Decision Support Tool into an Existing Computerized Physician Order Entry System to Increase Seasonal Influenza Vaccination in the Emergency Department,” with Venkat et al., Vaccine, Volume 28, Number 37, August 23, 2010, 6058-6064

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“Site Selection for Sure Service Terminal,” with Tadikamalla,  European Journal of Operational Research, 48, 1990, 77-80.

“Diagnostic Design: A Product Support Strategy” with Kubat, European Journal of Operational Research, 38, 1989, 35-43.

Center Affiliation

Supply Chain Management

Academic Area

Business Analytics and Operations

Personal Interests

G.G. likes to listen to classical and folk music, and folk ballet Yakshagana.