Gaurav Kankanhalli
Assistant Professor of Business Administration


226 Mervis Hall
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Corporate Finance, Undergraduate


  • Ph.D., Finance, Cornell University
  • M.Sc., Financial Economics, University of Oxford
  • B.A. (Hons.), Economics and Management, University of Oxford

Recent Publications

Recent Working Papers

 Global Effects of the Brexit Referendum: Evidence from US Corporations (with M. Campello, G. Cortes, and F. d’Almeida)

Delayed Creative Destruction: How Uncertainty Shapes Corporate Asset Allocation (with M. Campello and H. Kim)

Do Real Estate Values Boost Corporate Borrowing? Evidence from Contract-Level Data (with M. Campello, R.A. Connolly, and E. Steiner)

Corporate Hiring under COVID-19: Labor Market Concentration, Downskilling, and Income Inequality (with M. Campello and P. Muthukrishnan)

Speech is Silver, but Silence is Golden: Information Suppression and the Promotion of Innovation (with A. Kwan and K. Merkley)

Bargaining Power in the Market for Intellectual Property: Evidence from Licensing Contract Terms (with A. Kwan)

Betting on Disruption: How Uncertainty Shapes the US Startup Ecosystem

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