Jennifer Shang
Professor of Business Administration and Area Director for Business Analytics and Operations


230 Mervis Hall


Jennifer Shang was a research fellow at The Advanced Manufacturing Program in The IC2 Institute at Austin, Texas, and a Lilly Endowment Teaching Fellow. In the MBA program, she teaches Statistics, Production Management and Process Improvement, Simulation, Global Research Practicum, and Consulting Field Projects. In addition, she taught the undergraduate Operations Management and Global Supply Chain Management, and courses at the EMBA, IEMBA, and PhD levels as well.

Her research focuses on healthcare analytics, operations management, and e-commerce. She applies data/business analytics approaches to enhance patient care outcomes and improve hospital’s operational efficiency and develops theoretical and heuristic approaches to improve the productivity and quality of business operations. She also employs multi-criteria decision-making techniques to measure the relative efficiency of operating units (e.g., DEA) and to combine intangible human judgment with objective data to effectively rank options and predict outcomes (e.g., AHP/ANP).

She has published more than 130 papers, and her research appears in journals such as Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Information Systems Research, Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and INFORMS Journal on Computing.

Courses Recently Taught

BQOM 1730 Global Supply Chain Management
BQOM 1070 Operations Management (CBA)
BQOM 2516 Project Management Fundamentals & Analysis
BQOM 2051 Operations Management Project (MBA)
BQOM 2401 & 2801 Statistical Analysis: Uncertainty, Prediction and Qualilty Improvement (MBA and EMBA)

Research Interests

  • Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Revenue Management
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Operations Research and Information Systems

Awards and Honors

2004-2005: “Distinguished Professor” for EMBA class 32

2002-2003, 2003-2004, 2009-2010: Excellence in Teaching Award for MBA program

2013-2014: Excellence in Research Award

Professional Service and Activities

Editorial Boards:

  • International Journal of Revenue Management
  • International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management
  • International Journal of Manufacturing technology and Management


  • PhD, Operations Management, University of Texas at Austin
  • MBA, University of Iowa
  • Bachelor of International Business, National Taiwan University

Recent Publications

Chronic disease progression prediction: Leveraging case‐based reasoning and big data analytics
Z Nenova, J Shang, Production and Operations Management 31 (1), 259-280, 2022

Managing hospital platelet inventory with mid‐cycle expedited replenishments and returns
K Chen, JS Song, J Shang, T Xiao, Production and Operations Management, 2022

Personalized Chronic Disease Follow‐Up Appointments: Risk‐Stratified Care Through Big Data
Z Nenova, J Shang, Production and Operations Management, 2021

Service Providers’ Decision to Use Ethics Committees and Consultation in Complex Services
JD Zyung, V Mittal, S Kekre, GG Hegde, J Shang, BS Marcus, A Venkat, Journal of Marketing Research 57 (2), 278-297, 2020

Task interdependence and firm performance in outsourced service operations
N Ramasubbu, J Shang, JH May, Y Tjader, L Vargas,  Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 21 (3), 658-673, 2019

Leveraging big data to balance new key performance indicators in emergency physician management networks, K Foster, P Penninti, J Shang, S Kekre, GG Hegde, A Venkat, Production and Operations Management 27 (10), 1795-1815, 2018

Strategic management of operations in the emergency department, A Venkat, S Kekre, GG Hegde, J Shang, TP Campbell, Production and Operations Management 24 (11), 1706-1723, 2015

An efficient Morris method-based framework for simulation factor screening
Y Jiang, J Shang, CF Kemerer, Y Liu, Marketing Science 30 (4), 737-752, 2011

Why do software firms fail? Capabilities, competitive actions, and firm survival in the software industry from 1995 to 2007, S Li, J Shang, SA Slaughter, Information Systems Research 21 (3), 631-654, 2010.  (Best  Paper Award)

Distribution network redesign for marketing competitiveness
J Shang, TP Yildirim, P Tadikamalla, V Mittal, LH Brown, Journal of Marketing 73 (2), 146-163, 2009

A crane scheduling problem in a computer-integrated manufacturing environment
H Matsuo, J Shang, R Sullivan, Management Science 37 (5), 587-606

Center Affiliation

International Business

Academic Area

Business Analytics and Operations