Pandu Tadikamalla
Professor of Business Administration


258 Mervis Hall


Pandu R. Tadikamalla teaches courses in statistical techniques for management, decision technologies, simulation, and total quality management. His research interests lie in simulation methodology, statistical techniques in management, and quality and productivity.

He is a member of INFORMS and the Decision Sciences Institute. Tadikamalla is an Associate Editor of OMEGA: The International Journal of Management Science and is on the editorial review board of the American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences. He has published more than 45 research articles in various professional journals.

Tadikamalla emphasizes real-life problem solving in the classroom. Through MBA Consulting Field Projects and consulting, he has solved large-scale, real-life problems for various local and multinational corporations. Tadikamalla has won teaching awards both from the full-time MBA and the Executive MBA programs in recognition of his teaching excellence.

Courses Recently Taught

  • Statistical Analysis (MBA)
  • Decision Technologies for Manufacturing and Operations Management (MBA)
  • Simulation Methodology (PhD and MBA)

Awards and Honors

  • Distinguished Professor Award, EMBA VII.
  • Outstanding Professor of the Year, MBA Class of 1986.

Professional Service and Activities

  • Associate Editor, American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences
  • Associate Editor, OMEGA: The International Journal of Management Science

Consulting Activities

Has done consulting for several local and multinational corporations to develop optimal systems utilizing optimization, simulation and the statistical techniques.


  • PhD, Industrial and Management Engineering, University of Iowa
  • MS, Industrial and Management Engineering, University of Iowa
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Andhra University (India)

Recent Publications

“Flexible contract design for VMI supply chain with service-sensitive demand: Revenue-sharing and supplier subsidy” (with J. Cai, X. Hu and J. Shang), European Journal of Operational Research, 2017, 261, pp 143-153. 

“Corporate Credit Risk Evaluation System: Integrating Explicit and Implicit Financial Performance” (with Faming Zhang, and J. Shang), International Journal of Production Economics, 2016, 177, pp.77-100. 

“The Impact of Knowledge on Online Brand Success: An Agent-Based Model for Online Market Share Enhancement” (with Jiang Guoyin and Shang J), European Journal of Operational Research, 2016, pp.1093-1103

“Hedging Customer Risk” (with Christopher Groening, Pinar Yildrim and Vikas Mittal), Customer Needs and Solutions, 2014, Vol. 1, pp 105-116.

“Distribution Network Redesign for Marketing Competitiveness” (with Jen Shang, T.P. Yildrim, V. Mittal and Larry Brown), Journal of Marketing, 2009, Vol. 73, pp 146-163 

“A Decision Support System for Managing Inventory at GlaxoSmithKline” (with Jen Shang, Laurie Kirsch and Lawrence Brown), Decision Support Systems, 2008, Vol. 46, pp 1-13

 “Kurtosis Correction method for X-bar and R control charts for long-tailed Symmetrical Distributions” (with Dana Popescu), Naval Research Logistics, 2007, pp. 371- 383

“Order Splitting in Single Sourcing with Scheduled- Release Orders” (with Ajay Mishra), Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2006, Vol. 57, pp. 177-189

“Dual Emphasis and the Long-Term Financial Impact of Customer satisfaction” (with Mittal, Anderson and Sayrak), Marketing Science, Fall 2005, pp. 544-555 

“Customization: Impact  on Product and Process Performance” (with Kekre et al), Production and Operations Management, Winter 2005, Vol. 14, pp 388-399

Recent Working Papers

Emergency Decision Making about Relief Material Allocation based on a Two-Stage Model and Differential Evolution Algorithm (with Ying-xin Chen, J. Shang, and Yan Song). Under review at Naval Research Logistics.

Optimal Inventory Decisions for Substitutable brands under VMI (with J. Cai, Jen Shang, and G. Huang). Submitted to Journal of Operational Research Society.

Integrated Lead Time and Demand Risk Pooling Strategies on Total Logistics Cost (with Mahdi Maghdesian). Submitted to European Journal of Operational Research.

“Valuation and investment strategies of Carbon Capture and Storage Technology under Uncertainties in Technology, Policy and Market” (with M. Gordon, C. Huang, and L. Chen). Submitted to European Journal of Operational Research.

Academic Area

Business Analytics and Operations

Personal Interests

Tadikamalla spends a considerable amount of his time in volunteer activities. He served as the president of the Executive Committee and as the chairman and treasurer of the Board of Directors of S.V. Temple, a premier religious organization in North America.