Ray Jones
Clinical Professor of Business Administration


2503 Sennott Square


Ray Jones teaches introductory undergraduate courses in business ethics and organizational behavior as well as advanced undergraduate courses in gender and diversity in management and governance and management. In the MBA Program, he teaches the required organizational behavior core course. For the past several years, he has served as coordinator of the Certificate Program in Leadership and Ethics (CPLE), in which more than 60 undergraduate students work toward the completion of the certificate as an enhancement of their undergraduate major. In addition to teaching, he plays a variety of advisory roles in a number of different student activities and pursuits in the College of Business Administration.

Jones serves as the faculty advisor for the CBA chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, a role that puts him in contact with the 55-60 CBA students who belong to the fraternity. He has served in this role for the past several years and has watched the brothers reactivate the chapter on campus, and then subsequently establish the Lambda Chapter as one of the strongest chapters in the entire country.

He is also the faculty advisor for the Department of Athletic’s Academy of Sports Marketing, an internship program in which the Department of Athletics offers sports marketing internships exclusively to CBA students. In this program, CBA students are given responsibility for researching, designing, and implementing a marketing plan for one of the department’s Olympic (i.e., nonrevenue) sports (women’s soccer, men’s soccer, swimming/diving, gymnastics, wrestling, baseball, and softball). The program has been in existence for several years, and Academy students have been generating amazing results in terms of both increasing attendance at meets and matches, and in terms of establishing and enhancing team awareness and brand awareness for Pitt athletics.

Courses Recently Taught

  • Organizational Behavior and Managerial Effectiveness
  • MBA Course on Individual and Group Behavior in Organizations
  • Honors Ethics and Leadership in Organizations
  • University Honors College Seminar on Ethics and Leadership
  • Ethics and the Business Environment
  • Sophomore-Level Course on Business and Society and Business Ethics
  • Board Governance and Management
  • Senior-Level Course on Corporate and Non-Profit Boards of Directors (team-taught with Kim LaScola Needy, School of Engineering)
  • Men and Women at Work
  • Senior-Level Course on Gender and Diversity in Management

Awards and Honors

Jones has won several teaching awards from the College of Business Administration and the University of Pittsburgh.

Professional Service and Activities

Jones is a volunteer basketball coach at St. Mary’s Elementary School in Glenshaw. He has coached basketball at St. Mary’s in some capacity since 1985, when his father, Ray Jones Sr., got him involved with his first “teaching position – in this case, on the basketball court. Ray and his father currently coach the fourth grade boys team.

Jones is also heavily involved with the Pittsburgh Sports League, run by the Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project (PUMP), an organization that exists to work to keep young professionals in Pittsburgh. Through the Pittsburgh Sports League, he plays on several softball teams with local young professionals.


  • PhD in Business Administration, Katz School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, 2001
  • MPA, University of Pittsburgh, 1992
  • BA in American History and Political Science, Purdue University, 1990

Recent Publications

Jones, Ray, Murrell, Audrey J., Sikora, Maggie, and Zagenczyk, Kristen (forthcoming). “Divergent Depictions of Top Performers: A Content Analysis of Media Guide Biographies of NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Basketball Coaches.”

Jones, Ray and Murrell, Audrey J. (2001). “Signaling Positive Corporate Social Performance: An Event Study of Family-Friendly Firms.” Business and Society, 40(1): 59-78.

Masters, Marick and Jones, Ray (1999). “The Hard and Soft Sides of Union Political Money.” Journal of Labor Research, 20 (3): 297-327.

Jones, Ray, Murrell, Audrey J., and Jackson, Jennifer (1999). “Pretty versus Powerful in the Sports Pages: Print Media Coverage of U.S. Women’s Gold Medal Winning Teams.” Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 23(2): 183-192.

Jones, Ray (1998). “How Oskar Schindler Saved His Workers: The Pursuit of Social Objectives by Owner Managers.” American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 57(1): 3-26.

Center Affiliation

Berg Center

Academic Area

Organizations and Entrepreneurship

Personal Interests

Jones is a sports and fitness enthusiast who is always on the go. He is also a diehard Steelers and Pittsburgh Panthers fan who really enjoys football season.