Richard E. Wendell
Professor of Business Administration


262 Mervis Hall


Richard E. Wendell is a professor of business administration at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh.

He received his PhD in operations research at Northwestern University and has previously served on the faculties of Ohio State University, Carnegie-Mellon University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In addition, he has held short-term appointments and research fellowships at the Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (Belgium), at the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, and at Argonne National Laboratory.

Wendell teaches courses in decision analytics. He has received a number of teaching awards including the Distinguished Professor award in the Executive MBA program, the University of Pittsburgh Faculty Honor Roll, and several Katz Excellence-in-Teaching awards.

His research includes more than 60 papers on the theory and applications of management science and decision analytics, and many have appeared in leading academic journals including Management Science, Operations Research, Mathematics of Operations Research, Mathematical Programming and Interfaces. In particular, he has published extensively in the areas of sensitivity analysis, facility location, multiple objective optimizations, and project management, and his research has been supported by several grants from the National Science Foundation.

Courses Recently Taught

  • Decision Analytics (College of Business Administration)
  • Project Management (MBA program and Executive seminars)

Professional Service and Activities

Consulting Activities

Johnson Matthey Inc., Cook Myosity, Inc., First National Bank of Pennsylvania, Duquesne Light, BT Financial Corporation, First USA, Mill Service Company, Federal LabJohnson Matthey Inc., Cook Myosite, Inc., First National Bank of Pennsylvania, Duquesne Light, BT Financial Corporation, First USA, Mill Service Company, Federal Laboratories, Analytical Assessments Corporation, New York State Higher Education Services Corporation, City of Pittsburgh, Argonne National Laboratory, Agency for International Development, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.


  • PhD in Operations Research, Northwestern University (1971)
  • MS in Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh (1966)
  • BS in Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh (1965)

Recent Publications

“Sensitivity in DEA: An Algorithmic Approach”, Central European Journal of Operations Research, 27(4), December 2019 (with Luka Neralic)

“Enlarging the Radius of Stability and Stability Regions in Data Envelopment Analysis”, European Journal of Operational Research, 278(2), October 2019 (with Luka Neralic)

“A Global Tolerance Approach to Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Programming”, European Journal of Operational Research, 267, May 2018 (with Emanuele Borgonovoa and Gregery Buzzard)

“Efficiency Gains in Croatia’s Electricity Distribution Centers Following Industry Structure Changes”, Data Envelopment Analysis Journal, 3, November 2017 (with M. Mihelja Žaja, R. D. Banker, S. Fang, D. Hunjet, and L. Neralić)

“Evaluation of the Dynamic Efficiency of Croatian Towns,” Central European Journal of Operations Research, 23 (3), July 2015 (with Dubravko Hunjet and Luka Neralic)

“Generalized Tolerance Sensitivity and DEA Metric Sensitivity,” Croatian Operational Research Review, 6, March, 2015 (with Luka Neralic)

“An Application of DEA Categorical Models,” Vincent Charles and Mukesh Kumar, Editors, Data Envelopment Analysis and Its Application to Management, Cambridge Scholars Publishing Ltd., November 2012 (with Dubravko Hunjet and Luka Neralic)

“The Impact of Non-Agility on Service Level and Project Duration,” Decision Sciences, October 2012 (with K. Glowacka and T.J. Lowe)

“Exact Solution of Two Location Problems via Branch and Bound,” H.A. Eiselt & Vladimir Marianov, Editors, Foundations of Location Analysis, Springer, 2011 (with T.J. Lowe)

“Tolerance Sensitivity Analysis: Thirty Years Later,” Croatian Operational Research Review, 2010 (with Wei Chen)

“Tolerance Sensitivity and Optimality Bounds in Linear Programming,” Management Science, June 2004.

“Sensitivity in DEA Using an Approximate Inverse Matrix,” Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2004 (with Luke Neralic).

“Managing Risks in Projects with Decision Technologies,” Frontiers of Project Management, D.P. Slevin, D.I. Cleland, and J.K. Pinto, Editors, Project Management Institute, 2002 (with T.J. Lowe).

“Screening Facility Location Strategies to Reduce Exchange Rate Risk,” European Journal of Operations Research, February 2002 (with T. Lowe and G. Hu).

“Enhancing Competitiveness of the Customer Loan Center at Promistar Financial Corporation,” Interfaces, May 2001 (with P. Mirchandani and G.G. Hegde).

“Linear Programming: The Tolerance Approach,” Advances in Sensitivity Analysis and Parametric Programming, T. Gal and H.J. Greenber, Editors, Kluwer, 1997.

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“Location by Competitive and Voting Processes,” Discrete Location Theory, R.I. Francis and P.B. Mirchandani, Editors, Wiley 1991 (with P. Hansen and J. F. Thisse).

Academic Area

Business Analytics and Operations

Personal Interests

Traveling, making wine, working out, and dancing.