Trevor Young-Hyman
Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Sociology


228 Mervis Hall


Trevor Young-Hyman is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Sociology in the Katz School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. Previously, he was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. His research examines the formal and informal organizational structures that shape knowledge-intensive work. One line of research explores how ownership and governance structures impact the content and consequences of knowledge-intensive work practices. Papers in that area have focused on the organization of cross-functional project teams, the development of inter-organizational ties, and task specialization within firms. Another line of research examines the factors that shape organizational structures, with a particular interest in the antecedents of flat organizations. Papers in that vein have examined how workforce diversity and external stakeholders shape the viability of flat organizations. His research explores a range of empirical contexts including engineering consulting firms, venture capital firms, startups, and French worker cooperatives.

Courses Recently Taught

  • MGMT104 Introduction to Human Resource Management and Labor Relations (University of Pennsylvania)
  • BUSORG 1020 Organizational Behavior

Awards and Honors

  • Horvat-Vanek Prize, International Association for the Economics of Participation, 2016
  • Fidelity Fellow in Equity Compensation, 2015
  • Organization Science/INFORMS Dissertation Proposal Competition Finalist, 2014


  • PhD, Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • BS, Business Administration and French, Washington University in St. Louis

Recent Publications

Trevor Young-Hyman, Douglas L. Kruse and Nathalie Magne (2022), “A Real Utopia Under What Conditions? The Economic and Social Benefits of Workplace Democracy in Knowledge-Intensive Industries” Organization Science

Andrea Contigiani, Trevor Young-Hyman (2022), “Experimentation, planning, and structure in early-stage ventures: Evidence from pitch decks”, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

Trevor Young-Hyman, Adam M. Kleinbaum (2020), Meso-Foundations of Interorganizational Relationships: How Team Power Structures Shape Partner Novelty. Organization Science 31(6):1385-1407

Trevor Young-Hyman (2017), Cooperation without Co-Laboring: How Formal Organizational Power Moderates Cross-functional Interaction in Project Teams, Administrative Science Quarterly, 62(1); pp. 179-214.

Trevor Young-Hyman and M. M. Chavez (2015), Formal Organizational Power and Innovation: From a Principal-Agent to an Institutionalist View, in Kauhanen, A. (ed.) Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory and Labor-Managed Firms, 16, pp. 143-172

Trevor Young-Hyman (2015), Book Review, After Occupy–Economic Democracy for the 21st Century, in Global Discourse, 6 (1-2), pp. 271-274.

Trevor Young-Hyman (2015), Union Cab: Managing Growth and Deepening Democracy in a Worker Cooperative, in Borowiak, C. Dilworth, R. and Reynolds, A. (eds.) Exploring Cooperatives: Economic Democracy and Community Development in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Univ of Wisconsin Press.

Working Papers

León Valdés, Trevor Young-Hyman, Evan Gilbertson, CB Bhattacharya and Oliver Hahl (2022), “Purpose Claims and Capacity-Based Credibility: Evidence from the Labor Market

Center Affiliation

Berg Center

Academic Area

Organizations and Entrepreneurship