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Dr. Vanitha Swaminathan is Thomas Marshall Professor of Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh and the Director of the Katz Center for Branding at Pitt Business. Professor Swaminathan has published extensively in various leading marketing and management journals including Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Marketing Science, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Consumer Psychology, among others. Her innovative research contributions include developing frameworks for branding in a hyperconnected world and online brand engagement, and understanding the drivers and motivations for consumer-brand relationships. She has won awards for her research including AMA Conference Best Paper Awards (multiple times), Lehmann Best Paper Awards (twice), Journal of Advertising’s Best Paper Award. She has also won awards for her research, teaching and service at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Swaminathan is currently serving as Editor of Journal of Marketing, the premier journal in marketing. She is also serving on the Board of Directors of the American Marketing Association. She was previously the President of the Academic Council of the American Marketing Association. Professor Swaminathan has also co-authored, along with Professor Kevin Lane Keller, the Fifth Edition of the world-renowned textbook Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity (widely regarded as the Bible of Branding).

Professor Swaminathan’s research and commentaries are quoted in various international media outlets such as  Bloomberg, CNN, Forbes, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, NPR, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, U.S. News & World Report,  Sirius Radio, Science Daily, Slate, , Economic Times (India), Frontline (India), BBC, among others. She has worked with companies such as EA Sports, Smucker’s, DowDuPont, Young & Rubicam, The Hershey Company, KraftHeinz, StarKist, AC Nielsen, GlaxoSmithKline, and P&G, on marketing and branding consulting projects. As founder and director of the Center for Branding, Dr. Swaminathan has introduced novel teaching and research initiatives on digital branding.

Courses Recently Taught

  • Marketing Management
  • Brand Management

Awards and Honors

  • 2020 Lehmann Award awarded to the best dissertation-based article published in Journal of Marketing and Journal of Marketing Research in 2019-2020 (served as dissertation advisor and co-author on award-winning article)
  • 2020 Invited to serve as a Judge on ANA’s Genius awards for excellence in Marketing Analytics, alongside industry leaders in marketing (only academic to serve on the panel)
  • 2020 Elected to American Marketing Association Board of Directors for a three year term (2020-2023)
  • 2018-2019 Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2018-2019 Excellence in Research Award
  • Christian Hughes and Vanitha Swaminathan received the Best Paper in Theme award at the Winter 2018 AMA Conference in New Orleans for “Communicating in a Melting Pot: How Audience Diversity Impacts Word of Mouth Valence.”
  • Katz and Center for Branding PhD student Christian Hughes wins Answers in Action Grant
  • Interview with Vanitha Swaminathan, President of AMA Academic Council
  • 2018-19 President, American Marketing Association Academic Council
  • 2018 Faculty at 2018 AMA’s Sheth Doctoral Consortium, Leeds University, June 2018
  • 2018 Best Paper Award for “Connected Consumers and Social Media” Track, 2018 AMA Winter Academic Conference, New Orleans (Co-winner with PhD Student, Christian Hughes)
  • 2015 Distinguished Research Award, Katz Graduate School of Business
  • 2015 Distinguished Service Award, Katz Graduate School of Business
  • 2015 Co-Chair, American Marketing Association’s Winter Educators’ Conference
  • 2014 Katz Excellence in Service Award
  • 2014-2017 Member, American Marketing Association’s Academic Council
  • 2011 AMA Doctoral Consortium Faculty
  • 2009 Faculty Participant, Academy of Marketing Science Doctoral Consortium, Oslo, Norway
  • 2006 Best Paper of the Year Award, Journal of Advertising.
  • 2003 Marketing Science Institute, Young Scholar Program Participant.
  • 2002 Lehmann Award for the Best Dissertation Article in Journal of Marketing or Journal of Marketing Research in 2000 and 2001.
  • Best Special Session Award, 2002 Winter Educators’ Conference (Session Chair and Organizer).
  • Recipient of the 1997-98 dissertation award from Procter & Gamble’s Innovation Research Fund.


  • PhD in Business Administration, University of Georgia
  • MBA XLRI, Jamshedpur, India
  • BA, Economics, University of Madras



Recent Publications

Basu, Meheli, and Vanitha Swaminathan (2023),  “Consuming in a crisis: Pandemic consumption across consumer segments and implications for brands”, Journal of Product & Brand Management, 32 (1), 14-36.

Sridhar, Shrihari, Cait Lamberton, Detelina Marinova, and Vanitha Swaminathan (2023), “JM: Promoting Catalysis in Marketing Scholarship.” Journal of Marketing, 87 (1), 1-9.

Swaminathan, Vanitha, Sayan Gupta, Kevin Lane Keller, and Donald Lehmann. (2022), “Brand actions and financial consequences: a review of key findings and directions for future research.” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 50 (4), 639-664.

Swaminathan, V., Schwartz, H. Andrew, Menezes, Rowan and Shawndra Hill (2022). The Language of Brands in Social Media: Using Topic Modeling on Social Media Conversations to Drive Brand Strategy. Journal of Interactive Marketing57(2), 255-277.

Hsieh, Meng-Hua, Xingbo Bo Li, Shailendra Pratap Jain, and Vanitha Swaminathan (2021). “Self-construal drives preference for partner and servant brands.” Journal of Business Research, 129, 183-192.

Swaminathan, Vanitha, and Umut Kubat Dokumaci (2021), “Do all, or Only Some Personality Types Engage in Spreading Negative WOM? An Experimental Study of Negative WOM, Big 5 Personality Traits and Brand Personality.” Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, 1-13.

Swaminathan, Vanitha, Alina Sorescu, Jan-Benedict Steenkamp, Thomas O’ Guinn and Bernd Schmitt (2020), “Branding in a Hyperconnected World: Refocusing Theories and Rethinking Boundaries,” Journal of Marketing, 84(2) 24-46

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Swaminathan, Vanitha, Zeynep Gürhan-Canli, Umut Kubat and Ceren Hayran  (2015), “How, When, and Why Do Attribute-Complementary versus Attribute-Similar Cobrands Affect Brand Evaluations: A Concept Combination Perspective,” Journal of Consumer Research, 42 (1), 45 – 58. 

Winterich, Karen Page, Vikas Mittal and Vanitha Swaminathan (2014) “Friends and Family: How In-Group-Focused Promotions Can Increase Purchase,” Customer Needs and Solutions, 1:333–344.

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Leigh, James, George Zinkhan and Vanitha Swaminathan (2006), “Dimensional Relationships Of Recall And Recognition Measures With Selected Cognitive And Affective Aspects Of Print Ads,” Journal of Advertising, 35(1), 105-122. Received the Best Paper of the Year Award, 2006 from the American Academy of Advertising

Swaminathan, Vanitha, Richard J. Fox and Srinivas K. Reddy (2001) “The Impact of Brand Extension Introduction on Choice,” with Richard J. Fox and Srinivas K. Reddy, Journal of Marketing, 65 (4), 1-15 (Lead Article). Winner of the 2002 Lehmann Award for the Best Dissertation-Based Article published in the Journal of Marketing or Journal of Marketing Research in the years 2000 and 2001.

Reddy, Srinivas K., Vanitha Swaminathan and Carol M. Motley “Exploring the Determinants of Broadway Show Success (1998),” Journal of Marketing Research, 35 (3), 370-383.

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