Yue Wu
Associate Professor of Business Administration and James Allen Faculty Fellow – Marketing and Business Economics


312 Mervis Hall
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Yue Wu is an Associate Professor of Business Administration and James Allen Faculty Fellow in the Marketing and Business Economics Area at Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh. Yue’s primary research interests involve applied microeconomic theory, emerging markets, regulation, public policy, online platforms, and digital marketing. His previous works have appeared in leading journals in marketing, operations management, and information systems, such as Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science, Marketing Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Information Systems Research, etc. Yue’s teaching interests include digital marketing, social media strategy, platform economics, and applied game theory.


  • PhD in Management (Specialization: Marketing), INSEAD (Singapore/France), 2016
  • MSc in Operations Management, Singapore Management University (Singapore), 2011
  • BEng in Computer Science and Technology, YAO Class – Tsinghua University (China), 2009

Recent Publications

Yuetao Gao, Yue Wu. “Regulating Probabilistic Selling of Counterfeits”. Management Science (Forthcoming).

Yue Wu, Esther Gal-Or​, Tansev Geylani. “Regulating Native Advertising”. Management Science (Forthcoming)

Veronica Marotta, Yue Wu, Kaifu Zhang, Alessandro Acquisti. 2022. “The Welfare Impact of Targeted Advertising Technologies”. Information Systems Research 33(1) pp. 131-151. 

Yue Wu, Tansev Geylani. 2020. “Regulating Deceptive Advertising: False Claims and Skeptical Consumers​​”. Marketing Science 39(4) pp. 788-806. 

Yue Wu, Kaifu Zhang, Jinhong Xie. 2020. “Bad Greenwashing, Good Greenwashing: Corporate Social Responsibility and Information Transparency”. Management Science 66(7) pp. 3095-3112. 

Yue Wu, Kaifu Zhang, V. Padmanabhan. 2018. “Matchmaker Competition and Technology Provision”. Journal of Marketing Research 55(3) pp. 396-413. 

Liang Guo, Yue Wu. 2016. “Consumer Deliberation and Quality Signaling”. Quantitative Marketing & Economics 14(3) pp. 233-269. 

Yun Fong Lim, Yunzeng Wang, Yue Wu. 2015. “Consignment Contracts with Revenue Sharing for a Capacitated Retailer and Multiple Manufacturers”. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 17(4) pp. 527-537. 

Yun Fong Lim, Yue Wu. 2014. “Cellular Bucket Brigades on U-Lines with Discrete Work Stations”. Production & Operations Management 23(7) pp. 1113-1128.

Academic Area

Marketing and Business Economics