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Three Katz PhD Majors Rated in Top 10 on Prestige by Nature Study
Three Katz PhD Majors Rated in Top 10 on Prestige by Nature Study

Three Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business PhD Program areas of study are ranked in the top 10 most prestigious nationally in a 2022 study by Nature. In addition, five of our programs rank in the top 20 of nearly 400 institutions when considering the two outcome measures in the study. The “Prestige” status is based on Katz’s ability to place PhD graduates at other prestigious universities and the “Production” measure is based on their ability to produce graduates in the academic market. Some programs only have measures on Production due to sampling and categorizing issues.

Ranking in the top 10 on Prestige represents the 94th percentile. The Katz program’s Strategic Management area of study ranked No. 4, Marketing No. 6, Accounting No. 10, and Finance No. 19. Rankings and prestige are typically measured by the number of publications, but this study ranks prestige based on PhD graduate placement at other prestigious universities. Click here for a list of the leading research universities that have hired our graduates.

Regarding the Production measure, our Information Systems & Technology Management program ranks No. 14 representing the 92nd percentile.

“The top line finding is that a small number of universities provide the majority of tenure track faculty in the entire higher ed sector,” said Jeff Inman, associate dean for research and faculty at Katz. “Our placement of PhD graduates seems a particularly good measure of the long-term impact of a department on its discipline.”

Reach New Heights in Academia

Earning a PhD through Katz ensures students will receive an education that can take them to new heights in academia, working alongside faculty who are mentors and colleagues. The program includes seven areas of study: Accounting, Business Analytics & Operations, Finance, Information Systems & Technology Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management, and Strategic Management.

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