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Pitt Day of Giving FAQ
PDoG FAQ 2023

It’s that time of year again! This February, the University of Pittsburgh embarks on the seventh annual Pitt Day of Giving. Day of Giving is 24 hours of fundraising for the causes that you care about. If you’re a new alumnus or have donated in the past, we hope to inspire you to contribute to directly impact the future of Pitt Business students from both the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and the College of Business Administration.

Q: What is Pitt Day of Giving?

A: Pitt Day of Giving was created in 2017 in honor of the University’s 230th birthday. It is a 24-hour fundraising event aimed at giving Pitt family and friends an opportunity to make a difference by donating to specific scholarships, organizations, and schools.

Q: Who should donate to Pitt Day of Giving?

A: Anyone! Current students, alumni, family members, and friends of the University can donate online here.

Q: I’m a College of Business Administration alumnus, what funds directly support that program?

A: The CBA Academic Advancement Scholarship supports scholarship funding that will minimize a student’s debt burden. These funds allow the undergraduate program to target and recruit the best of the best students each year.

Q: I’m a Joseph M Katz Graduate School of Business alumnus, what funds directly support the school?

A: There are three, depending on what area you want to support.

Q: What other funds support Pitt Business?

A: There are three! Each has a different end goal.

  • The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Fund is designed to promote diversity and inclusion through a business lens. EDI is one of the dean’s top priorities and this fund will help with student, staff, and faculty education.
  • The Competitive Leadership Skills Fund allows us to ensure all students have access to our unique menu of domestic and global experience-based learning opportunities. Pitt Business’ renewed focus on integrated learning allows students to put in to practice the theories learned in the classroom.
  • The Dean’s Excellence Fund is our wildcard! The funds raised can be used at the discretion of the dean. As a donor to this fund, you enable the school to be nimble and responsive throughout the year to maximize opportunities for our students.

Q: What is fund matching?

A: Before Day of Giving begins, a few organizations affiliated with Pitt Business agree to donate a specific amount of money at certain checkpoints. For example, once we reach 200 donors, the Business Alumni Association has agreed to donate $5,000 toward our campaign. Keep an eye on our social media accounts the day-of to see what each checkpoint unlocks.

Q: How much should I give?

A: Whatever amount you are comfortable with! Every dollar will make a difference for current and future Pitt students. A degree from Pitt Business can launch students into fulfilling careers as high-impact business leaders who shape organizations that embrace and impact humanity.